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"terrific debut"

Paul McCartney


Amy Ray  Indigo Girls

"sunny and lush and cheerful and glockenspieltastic"

Chris Weingarten SPIN Magazine, Rolling Stone

"haviv delivers a left of center lyricism in a voice of

endearing intimacy and fearless authenticity"

Dan Kimpel Music Connection Magazine

"tamar haviv is going places"

Evan Schlansky  American Songwriter Magazine

Tamar Haviv’s energy is contagious. Her full-length debut, You and Me Without Pajamas, embodies heartfelt ballads, quirky pop tunes and tales of love and longing we all can relate to.

“I never realized how fun a pop song is,” Tamar admits.

After translating her poetry into songs on her last EP, Tamar took a new direction on You and Me Without Pajamas. This time around, she gave herself permission to write simple and, at times silly, songs.

“It feels vulnerable to describe things really simplistically,” she says. “It’s like unearthing things down to very primal desires. Simply saying ‘I like you’ and not letting 3 pages of poetry standing in between that feeling and a kiss.”

Tamar has been writing for as long as she can remember. In fact, she says the most consistent thing in her life has been music.

“I remember writing songs in my bed singing under the covers and trying not to be heard, not to wake anyone up or get in trouble.”  she says. “I sang the first song I ever wrote at the fifth grade talent show.” And she’s been singing ever since.

Tamar garnered a spot at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in the U.K. founded by Sir Paul McCartney. Following school she began writing some of the songs which would become a part of her debut album, You and Me Without Pajamas. Tamar’s lively demeanor with her more sensitive  tracks like “Pining” impress with sweeping piano and whispered vocals while the playful “Girls Away from Girls” even had Paul McCartney singing along. Dubbing You and Me Without Pajamas a “Terrific debut,” the former Beatle isn’t the only one impressed with Tamar’s music.

A major influence on Tamar, Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls praises her music as well, calling her release “Excellent.”

“Both Amy Ray’s music and intentions have taught me loads. Her voice just carries me,” Tamar says. “She is a strong person that uses her voice and songs to speak on important issues and political movements. Through my experience as her audience member I’ve also come to realize how much of a mentor an artist can be when their intentions are for the betterment of all, it’s a true gift.”  

Tamar hopes to connect with her fans the same way Amy has done with her.

“I’ve survived because of the work of other artists. I would love my music to be a blanket for people on a hard night,” she says. “I would love to be able to be in people’s lives that way and for my work to be able to comfort.”

With 14 standout tracks on her debut album, Tamar Haviv is well on her way.

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